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THANK YOU SO MUCH, JOSH!! It was a pleasure and blessing to work with you today as you made our floors beautiful. Your knowledge of the flooring and the products & services you provide allowed us to make an informed decision You went over and above anything expected to meet our last minute needs. As I spoke with Timothy , I never anticipated that only 36 hours later our 750 square feet of damaged engineered would not only be livable, but would... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 22
  • #923538

Advertises one price then you call and they add a $15 trip charge on

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 15
  • #919307

Price did seem to go up a little after phone consultation.

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I am selling my house and need the carpets cleaned. I hear about Zerorez on the radio. Sounds great. The people moving in have allergies. This kid shows up, literally he couldn't have been more than 18. He goes over the rugs. We complain so he pulls out his little bottle of water and shows us this ridiculous excuse for a chemistry presentation. We tell him to hit the one rug one more time. He does. No change. I finally hired Stanley... Read more

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Don't hire them if you have a pet related mess. I recently had them come out to clean a pet urination on a carpet that occurred while I was pet sitting for a family member. They performed the cleaning but there were lingering odors. They returned based on their 30 day guarantee but would not honor it because they detected moisture on the affected area and claimed it occured after the first cleaning. I think I would know if another urination... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 03
  • #894244

When you see one of their vans in the neighborhood, WATCH THEM CAREFULLY. After finishing a job at the house across the street, their rep used our driveway as a turn around and tore it up leaving visible tracks! Don't trust them!!

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7/28/16 - We just had Zerorez come out to clean our carpets. My wife spoke to the Zerorez salesperson and scheduled the cleaning for today. After spending several hours moving furniture, extensively vacuuming and preparing the ares to be cleaned, we were really disappointed. We had given them the exact dimensions and uses of ALL the rooms. We were quoted $329.00 plus tax for ALL of the rooms of those sizes, including extra prices because of one... Read more

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When I first heard of the zero res carpet cleaning I thought, just the thing we need. see me and my baby have pets and could use carpeted rooms cleand and areas of tile. 99$ over the radio :( but, when attempting to make an appointment the terms have changed and the now there are all kinds of added prices measurements and extra charge for water treatment ????? they told me almost $200 dollars for price and final total would be giving on site... Read more

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Carpet cleaner left without giving me a copy of my bill or discussing charges saying that he had bad reception. I was shocked after I called to received a copy, especially when I saw that they signed my name to the receipt. I sent several texts to try and get a response, finally getting what appeared to be a supervisor type and he did not seem to think that it was too big of a deal, certainly not to the extent that I did. Amazing. I am... Read more

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couldn't be more disappointed in a company I had really loved in the past. A few years ago I had them come out to clean my carpets and was very happy with the work they did. So when I moved into a new house a few weeks ago I couldn't wait to have them back. Really wish now that I hadn't. .... The new house I'm in now has carpets in the bedrooms and tile in the living room, dining room and kitchen. I had them clean both the carpets and the tile.... Read more

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