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I hired Zero Rez to clean my 2 year old carpet. We used them because they are supposed to be "zreo residue".

We have never put chemicals on our carpet so it seemed a good fit. The tech came out and talked me out of the 99.99 service for the more extensive 269.00 treatment.I agreed and he got to work. He ran his steamer over the carpet then went to his truck and got a back pack sprayer on. He began spraying something on the carpet???

As he went back and forth to his truck during this I noticed him tracking something on our marble entryway. I thought it must just be water from the carpet as they are ZERO REZ??? He finished, I paid, we went our own ways. The next morning I started to smell something...

I thought maybe it was just the treatment so I was patient. The next morning it was bad... really bad. It smelled and still smells of mildew.

I called them and they sent another tech out who told me it "must be a prexisting condition". I assured him it was not as our carpet NEVER had an oder like that before. He sprayed an enzyme on it and said that should fix it. Next day, NOPE, still bad if not worse.

I called them back and they sent another tech out named Randy. I remember his name because he was very passive aggressive and quite the smart ***. I ended up asking him to leave as it was clear he was not there to truly help me but rather complain about being there for no reason. At this point I am trying to remove the mildew smell with vinigar and water solutions...

I hope some day it gets better... as for my 3000.00 marble entry way??? It is still cloudy from whatever he tracked on it. Please...

no one should have to go through this. DO NOT USE ZERO REZ.


Monetary Loss: $5269.

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Go with Chem Dry. Much much better process.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #731661

This is a terrible company with aggressive advertising. They target seniors by advertising on am radio stations, they burn through one town leaving "F" ratings with the BBB (see bbb ratings for Zerorez in Redwood City, CA, Houston, TX, Sonoma, CA, etc.), then they open up shop in the next town.


The Marble possible is etched because contrary to the "No Chemicals" Claims by the franchise, Empowered Water chemical name is Primicide B, also known as sodium hydroxide, also known as LYE highly toxic chemical which is corrosive and irritating to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes which has been placed in toxicity category 1 by the EPA indicating the highest degree of toxicity and in human poisoning cases indicate ten grams taken orally is fatal.

Dont take my word for it -

If you google EPA RED Factsheet pdf confirms this

If you google Primicide B, click on link for EAU-X dot com, left tab B, notice the description, on the context of carpet cleaning claims the FDA GRAS statement. FDA does not regulate carpet cleaning.


Google: Sodium Hydroxide injuries, then click on the image tab to see severe injuries caused by chemical burns.

If you have your carpets tested the results should reveal low level pesticide which inhaled (during vacuuming) is toxic, builds up in human organ tissue. How do you get it out of your carpets? Sue for replacement. Clearly they never disclosed their dirty little secret about the powered water.

to ***pyRide San Jose, California, United States #746258


You need to take a chemistry class before you make claims like this. Primicide B is not LYE nor toxic.

Dive a little bit deeper into the science before you make assumptions and comparisons.

to Anonymous #1058205

I use to work for Zerorez it's the pre spray they use they tell you not to spray near marble or Granit or back track over wood etc. company is only after your money and I quit because they train you to shove sales down ppls throat Minneapolis mn here!

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